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Denise’s “Good Enough” Thanksgiving Countdown Tips

The Thanksgiving meal itself may be over in about 15 minutes, but it’s the planning and preparation that give me the most joy-here’s my Thanksgiving countdown tips!


9/11 is Back

Bob Flaherty on Paris Attacks and endless war: We can blame Bush, Cheney or Obama for the rise of ISIS, but we’re gonna need a draft to keep up, and unlike OUR draft, you can’t buy your way out of theirs, and their numbers are bottomless.

Acupuncturists Address State Lawmakers

Northampton acupuncturist Amy Mager joins fellow practitioners at the State House Tuesday to urge lawmakers to bring forth bill H2006 which will change the law that now allows people untrained in acupuncture to use acupuncture needles–the technique known as dry needling.

ezra parzybok

Cannabis Consultant on Recent Brush with Law

Northampton’s Cannabis Consultant, Ezra Parzybok, a frequent Morning News guest, is finally able to talk about his recent brush with law enforcement, where 67 marijuana plants & extracts were removed from his home & destroyed.

Denise award

Denise Vozella wins MBA Feature Award for “Mary’s Story”

WHMP’s Denise Vozella has won an award from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association for “Mary’s Story”

Denise and Hillary

Denise Recalls Meeting Hillary Clinton In NH In ’91

In ’91 Hillary Clinton was in Concord, NH to sign the papers so her husband Bill could run in the state’s first-in-the-nation primary, and WHMP’s Denise Vozella was there.


Good Enough-10 Minutes A Day

10 minute workouts are all the rage right now in the online fitness industry for good reason

Bill Dwight Jerrey Roberts DHG

Bill Dwight Post Election

Northampton City Council President Bill Dwight talks about his re-election, voter apathy, and the formation of the Downtown Northampton Association, rising from the ashes of the BID.

Jon Manley

MMA Fighter Visits WHMP

Right-wing pundit Dave Duseau brings in a guest — MMA fighter Jon Manley — in an effort to out-macho WHMP morning host Bob Flaherty. Things didn’t exactly go Dave’s way. Manley fights in Springfield this Saturday.


“Good Enough” is Good Enough

Some might think “good enough” is settling, but it’s really about taking the pressure off ourselves to be perfect while we still work to reach our potential

Recent Headlines

5 hours ago in Local

Man Arrested For Selling Westfield Teen Fatal Heroin Dose

police lights

Police say Seth Lombard-Hawthorne sold Lillian Anderson the "American Gangster" heroin that ended up killing her this past weekend

6 hours ago in Local

Judge Denies Belchertown Man Bail In Assault Case


An autistic Belchertown man is denied bail as he awaits trial on charges of trying to kill his mother

6 hours ago in Local

Granby Approves School Renovation

vote up or down

Town meeting voters approve $32-million dollars to overhaul and double the size of East Meadow Elementary School

6 hours ago in Local

Hadley Police Search for Alcohol Thief

Hadley police perp

Police have posted a surveillance photo of a woman they say stole $550 worth of booze from the Liquors 44 store

6 hours ago in Local

Quabbin Rattlesnake Island Plan To Be Unveiled


The February 23rd meeting at Mahar Regional School will spell out the rationale for stocking Mount Zion Island with endangered timber rattlesnakes