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On Trump’s Extreme Ideology

Soon-to-be-President Trump answers extreme ideology with extreme ideology of his own–and the base is rallied. Bob Flaherty: “We toothless, brainless millions blinded by fear & consumed by hate are already throwing rocks at Muslims & trying to shut down mosques. Radicalized? We be radicalized too.”


Choose to be Grateful

Choosing to be grateful can make you happier. In the segment “Healing from Outside the Box, Inside the Heart.”

immigration ellis island

Immigration: Flaherty Solves It All

Immigration is always a thorny issue, but now, with hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing from bloodthirsty zealots, keeping people out of the U.S. has taken on a religious fervor. Our economy can’t sustain it, they’ll tell you, and some may be terrorists. As usual, Bob Flaherty solves it all: in order to let people in, it will be necessary to kick a whole bunch out.

Hot chocolate whmp

Domestic Abuse Survivors Share Their Stories With WHMP

WHMP is shining a light on domestic abuse by having local survivors share their stories. Here, five brave women courageously tell their stories in order to help others.


SHELD Turmoil

Amid internal turmoil at South Hadley Electric Light Dept., with a $750,000 whistleblower lawsuit, administrators suspended, & consumer confidence eroded, former SHELD commissioner Christine Archambault, who was forced out, speaks with Bob.

Cooley Dick CEO Pledges to Reduce Mental Health Stigma

WHMP’s Stephanie Slysz speaks with Cooley Dickinson Healthcare CEO Joanne Marqusee as she signs on to the MA chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s CEOs Against Stigma campaign in an attempt to de-stigmatize mental health issues in the workplace.

lord jeffrey amherst college lord jeff

Amherst College Rejects Lord Jeff

Students at Amherst College must have been listening to Scott Coen & Bob Flaherty the other day, as they overwhelmingly voted to boot the Lord Jeff mascot, named after one of the great villains of western mass history.


Denise’s “Good Enough” Thanksgiving Countdown Tips

The Thanksgiving meal itself may be over in about 15 minutes, but it’s the planning and preparation that give me the most joy-here’s my Thanksgiving countdown tips!


9/11 is Back

Bob Flaherty on Paris Attacks and endless war: We can blame Bush, Cheney or Obama for the rise of ISIS, but we’re gonna need a draft to keep up, and unlike OUR draft, you can’t buy your way out of theirs, and their numbers are bottomless.

Acupuncturists Address State Lawmakers

Northampton acupuncturist Amy Mager joins fellow practitioners at the State House Tuesday to urge lawmakers to bring forth bill H2006 which will change the law that now allows people untrained in acupuncture to use acupuncture needles–the technique known as dry needling.

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4 hours ago in National

U.S. cracks down on e-cigarettes and cigars, bans sales to minors


The U.S. government took wide-ranging steps to crack down for the first time on e-cigarettes and cigars, growing in popularity among teens, and banned sales to anyone under age 18 in hopes of sparing a new generation from nicotine addiction.

4 hours ago in National, Olympics, Sports

Rio mayor assures Olympics not impacted by graft, political turmoil


Rio de Janeiro's mayor said Thursday preparations for the Olympics will not be impacted by Brazil's political turbulence, and he guaranteed there was zero corruption in the city's projects for the games.

4 hours ago in National

Senators urge regulators to ID vehicles with possible faulty Takata air bags


Two U.S. Senators urged auto safety regulators to publicly name the makes and models of tens of millions of vehicles with potentially faulty Takata air bag inflators, according to a letter made public late on Thursday.

4 hours ago in National

Chagrined anti-Trump Republicans seek to recruit third-party candidate


Donald Trump's emergence as the last man standing in the Republican presidential race has prompted his critics inside the party to intensify their search for a candidate they could back as a serious third-party alternative.

4 hours ago in National

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