martin jones

Monday, February 2, 201502/02/2015

Patriots Win! And The National Fight For Marriage Equality

In Bill Newman

Scott Coen on The Pats Super Bowl win, Marc Solomon on Marriage Equality and Martin Jones on the 13th Ammendment.


Saturday, January 31, 201501/31/2015

Western Mass Business Show 1.31.15

In The Western Mass. Business Show

Ira talks with Charlie Kittredge from Crane Paper.


Friday, January 30, 201501/30/2015

Should The Olympics Come to Boston?

In Bill Newman

Smith College Professor Andrew Zimbalist, with his new book ‘Circus Maximus’ lays out the economics of what bringing the Olympics to Boston would mean for the coffers of The Commonwealth.

francis crowe

Thursday, January 29, 201501/29/2015

Our Hero: Francis Crowe

In Bill Newman

pam victor et al

Wednesday, January 28, 201501/28/2015

Improv as Zen Practice

In Bill Newman

Pam Victor, Ginger Carson, and Chris Ingraham on the Zen of improve; NYT best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge on “The Brain’s Way of Healing.”

snowstormpic copy

Wednesday, January 28, 201501/28/2015

The Deflategate of Storms

In Bill Newman


Wednesday, January 28, 201501/28/2015

On The Money (1/28/15)

In On the Money

This week on “On the Money with Gary Thomas” We are all saving money on gas. Why isn’t that showing…

kate geis

Monday, January 26, 201501/26/2015

A Look Behind The Genius of Paul Taylor

In Bill Newman

Emmy-award-winning filmmaker Kate Geis on “Creative Domain” about iconic choreographer Paul Taylor along with Bill’s interview of Paul Taylor.

kristen leutz

Saturday, January 24, 201501/24/2015

Western Mass Business Show 1.24.15

In The Western Mass. Business Show

Ira talks with Kristin Leutz from the Community Foundation of Western Mass.

silas kopf

Friday, January 23, 201501/23/2015

Oscar Nominated Documentaries & A Smithsonian Award Artist

In Bill Newman

Cool films with Emmy-Award–winning filmmaker Larry Hott; cool marquetry with 2015 Smithsonian-award-winning artist Silas Kopf.

Recent Headlines

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Making headlines this week


A look back at some of this week's biggest headlines and the stories you may have missed.

in National

20 years later: The Oklahoma City bombing


Sunday marks two decades since the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history.

in National

Senator says it’s time to change the face of money


A campaign to put a female face on the $20 bill is gaining momentum.

in Local

Plastic Bag Ban Passes First Vote in Northampton

noho city hall

The city of Northampton is close to becoming the first Pioneer Valley community to ban the use of single-layer plastic bags.

in Local

Northampton Looks at Limiting Political Donations

ryan odonnel

Northampton city councilors have opened debate on an ordinance which would reduce the amount of money municipal candidates could accept from individual donors.