josh silver

Wednesday, December 31, 201412/31/2014

Net Neutrality & A Open Fast Internet & Unpluggin from The Internet

In Bill Newman

Marvin Ammori and Ari Shahadi join guest host Josh Silver to talk interwebs and net neutrality

f alex johnson

Tuesday, December 30, 201412/30/2014

John Nichols on The Oligarchy, An Our Wal-Mart Update & Colorway

In Bill Newman

John Nichols from The Nation joins Josh Silver to talk about just how bad things are getting in regards to big money in politics, plus an update on the local Our Wal-Mart movement and F. Alex Johnson from Colorway


Tuesday, December 30, 201412/30/2014

On The Money (12/31/14)

In On the Money

How to keep your resolutions Strategies to protect what you have in a volatile market How much do I need…


Monday, December 29, 201412/29/2014

What’s The Latest on Medical Pot?

In Bill Newman

Josh Silver guest hosts and talks with Ezra Parzybok about what’s gone wrong with medical pot in Mass.


Monday, December 29, 201412/29/2014

On The Money (12/24/14)

In On the Money

2014 Market and Economic Review Who’s paying all the taxes in the U.S.? 401(k) fees, what can we do about…

richard rubin

Wednesday, December 24, 201412/24/2014

Anonymous Tips, Charter Schools & Holiday Cheer

In Bill Newman

12.24.14 Criminal defense attorney Richard Rubin on the Text-A-Tip Program; Henry Wheaton from Show Circus Studio.


Tuesday, December 23, 201412/23/2014

Ebola & Improv

In Bill Newman

12.23.14 Dr. Susan Lowery and Marina Goldman on Ebola—epidemic or abated? Laura Patrick, improv artist and founder of the Ha…

peter wagner

Monday, December 22, 201412/22/2014

Decrying The Murder of Police & Standing Up For Walmart Employees

In Bill Newman

Josh Silver, CEO of Represent Us, on our bought congress; Peter Wagner, Director of the Prison Policy Initiative on the fleecing of the families of the incarcerated; two local Walmart workers fired for exercising their supposedly guaranteed labor law rights (Walmart has its own laws).

cj diamond

Saturday, December 20, 201412/20/2014

The Western Mass Business Show 12.20.14

In The Western Mass. Business Show

Ira talks with C.J. Diamond from Astro Chemicals.

lynn pasqueralla

Friday, December 19, 201412/19/2014

The Smartest Person We Know

In Bill Newman

The smartest person we know—doctor of philosophy, nationally renown medical ethicist, and the President of Mount Holyoke College—Lynn Pasquerella.

Recent Headlines

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Volkswagen CEO faces tough questions in congressional hearing


Volkswagen's cheating on emissions with the use of software in diesel cars was not a corporate decision, but something that "individuals did," its U.S. chief executive says.

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McCarthy drops out of race for House speaker, election postponed


McCarthy had been the favorite to be selected as the official party choice to replace John Boehner.

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Senate approves defense bill despite veto threat


The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation on Wednesday that would allow the military to avoid mandatory spending cuts, setting up a likely veto from President Barack Obama, who is pushing for a broader budget deal.

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Media savvy Islamic State grave concern for U.S. at home


A recruiting push by Islamic State militants via thousands of social media postings remains one of the biggest threats facing the United States, military official say.

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