shell game

Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

Shell Game: Nuts in School

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A WHMP Community Forum: Join WHMP News as we explore the nut ban policy in the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District…


Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

The Bill Newman Show 1.8.14

In Bill Newman

Attorney John Pucci, former head of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Western Massachusetts, on use of the death penalty in Commonwealth.


Tuesday, January 7, 201401/07/2014

On The Money (1/8/14)

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Gary discusses investor confidence in 2014, the Global Retirement Crisis, tax help, and offers advice if you are retiring in…

birthday newman

Tuesday, January 7, 201401/07/2014

The Bill Newman 1.7.14

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Professor and astronomer Salman Hammed on evolution and the universe; family law attorney Merry Nasser on PACT.


Monday, January 6, 201401/06/2014

The Bill Newman Show 1.6.14

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Northampton City Council President Bill Dwight and Councilor Ryan O’Donnell.

Mino Italia

Monday, January 6, 201401/06/2014

Dining With Mino January 4, 2014

In Dining with Mino

Mino Giliberti, owner of Buon Appetito Ristorante in Westfield guides listeners through his world of authentic Italian dining, cooking, and wine.

mary pic

Friday, January 3, 201401/03/2014

Blue Dragon Wellness

In Blue Dragon Wellness

Dr. Mary Ryan discusses remedies that can help people dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

scott lively

Friday, January 3, 201401/03/2014

The Bill Newman Show 1.3.14

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A lively discussion with none other than Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate, Pastor Scott Lively.

rev rabbi

Thursday, January 2, 201401/02/2014

The Bill Newman Show 1.2.13

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Be it resolved (for the new year) with The Reverend (Peter Ives) and The Rabbi (Justin David); & Professor Max Page on…

eric reeves

Thursday, January 2, 201401/02/2014

The Bill Newman Show 12.31.13

In Bill Newman

Professor Eric Reeves on the current bloodshed in South Sudan.

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U.N.: Islamic State committing ‘staggering’ crimes


Insurgents in Iraq have carried out mass executions, abducted women as sex slaves, and used child soldiers, a new report says.

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U.S. delays plans to replace Healthcare.gov site


The U.S. government has shelved plans to move the HealthCare.gov insurance website to a new host.

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Poll: Most Americans say spanking is ‘OK’


Nearly seven in 10 Americans believe spanking a child is an acceptable for of discipline at home.

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Ebola patient sent home from hospital days before diagnosis


The man was sent home with from a Texas hospital with antibiotics without further observation, despite telling a nurse he had been to West Africa.

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Obama seeks to restore trust with Latinos


President Barack Obama is expected to assure Hispanic-American lawmakers on Thursday that he is on their side and help is on the way.