Friday, May 15, 201505/15/2015

Foster Care In A Treehouse

In Bill Newman

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Thursday, May 14, 201505/14/2015

Gluten Free or Free The Gluten!

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Wednesday, May 13, 201505/13/2015

Bike Commute Breakfast & Barbera Madeloni

In Bill Newman

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Tuesday, May 12, 201505/12/2015

On The Money (5/13/15)

In On the Money

Special Guest: Christy Geffin from the NW District Attorney’s Office talking about financial abuse of our seniors. Is there a…

fire pond

Tuesday, May 12, 201505/12/2015

Fire Pond & Pipeline Update

In Bill Newman

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Monday, May 11, 201505/11/2015

Minding the Science of Mindfulness May 9, 2015

In Unfiltered

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barney frank

Monday, May 11, 201505/11/2015

Let’s Be (Barney) Frank

In Bill Newman

Congressman Barney Frank. He is coming to the Valley (Mount Holyoke College) tomorrow evening. His new book is “Frank: a Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage.” Then, Hampshire professor and astronomer Salman Hameed on TMT.

jill monson bishop

Saturday, May 9, 201505/09/2015

The Western Mass Business Show 5.9.15

In The Western Mass. Business Show

Ira talks with Jill Monson-Bishop from Inspired Marketing. http://media.whmp.com/5915_FULL_SHOW.mp3Podcast (channel-taking-care-of-business): Play in new window | Download

umass grad

Friday, May 8, 201505/08/2015

Beyond The Bubble Test

In Bill Newman

5/8: Professor (and former teacher) Joel Westheimer on the future of our public schools. His new book: “What Kind of Citizen?” ICONS! with UMass prof. Scott Auerbach and graduating (today!) senior (OMG-amazingly talented and accomplished) Hannah French; Jim Levy on tomorrow’s SOS plant sale.


Thursday, May 7, 201505/07/2015

Armenia, The Artic & Our Mothers

In Bill Newman

5/7: For Mothers’ (yes, plural!!) Day — Ann Imig –Listen to Your Mother; UMass Professor Emeritus and Armenian-American Arlene Avakian, who just returned from Turkey, on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide; Attorney Drew Caputo from Earth Justice on impending drilling in the Artic.

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Democrats, seeking unity, give Sanders say in party platform


The Democratic Party said on Monday it would give U.S. presidential contender Bernie Sanders a prominent say in writing its platform this year, a gesture that could ease tensions between Sanders' camp and party leaders, whom Sanders has accused of favoring rival Hillary Clinton.

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Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database


Hawaii could become the first state in the nation to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

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Kicking the habit: Adult smoking rate in U.S. is falling fast


The smoking rate among U.S. adults has been falling steadily for decades but the latest survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the 2015 decline is the biggest in more than 20 years.

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States on Zika’s frontline see big gaps in funding, expertise


In Mississippi, a small team of entomologists has begun the first survey of mosquito populations in decades. Experts do not believe the kind of mosquitoes most likely to carry the Zika virus are active in the state, but they cannot know for sure.

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Obama prods Vietnam on rights, promotes Trans-Pacific Partnership


U.S. President Barack Obama chided Vietnam on political freedoms on Tuesday after critics of the communist-run government were prevented from meeting him in Hanoi, a discordant note on a trip otherwise steeped in words of amity between the former foes.