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The Bill Newman Show. Weekdays at 9AM (and again at 6PM). Join Bill & Monte Belmonte as they talk with newsmakers, authors, artists,
poets, and ‘fish wrap’ about the day’s headlines.


Charles & Khalif Neville, Amos Kamil on the Horace Mann School, “And the Neighbors”

11.20.15 Charles & Kalif Neville are they the New England Neville Brothers or not? Plus Amos Kamil on secrecy and sex scandals at the Horace Mann School. And “And The Neighbors” on their CD release show.

rev rabbi

The Reverend, The Rabbi, The Haymarket

11/19: Lorin Stein, editor of the Paris Review; Ben Grosscup singing songs of resistance (a preview of Saturday’s performance); The Rev. & the Rabbi and the Haymarket—celebrating the Fight for $15, and the Haymarket’s 25th (upcoming this weekend, -politics and partying) anniversary bash.


Is There Still Time?

11.18.15 Peter Seidel, author of “There Is Still Time” (to save the planet. But just barely.); Mass State Auditor Suzanne Bump on charter schools and opioids; and Natalia Munoz, chair of the Northampton Human Rights Commission on meeting with the new Northampton police chief.

ben grosscup

The Times They Are A-Changin’ (We Hope)

11.17.15 Col. Ann Wright (ret.) and diplomat on the Paris attacks and terrorism. We can save the earth (literally) with author Courtney White. And musical activist Ben Grosscup.

carol ross

James Baldwin & Trees On Mars

11.16.15 A special edition of Black in The Valley with Carol Ross from Amherst Together on a James Baldwin film event and author Hal Niedzviecki on the death of the future.

lynn pasqueralla

Women In Leadership

11/13: Mount Holyoke College President Lynn Pasquerella on women’s leadership; Rev Peter Ives on “Before It Is Too Late.”


PARCC or MCAS or…?

11/12: Massachusetts Teachers Ass’n President Barbara Madeloni on MCAS, PARCC, & other high stakes testing; then, students and the Dean of Students from the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School.

rev rabbi

What Is Your Life?

11.10.15 The Reverend Peter Ives asked the question ‘What Is Your Life?’ in his new book of the same title. Best-selling author, Archer Mayor, on his new Joe Gunther novel ‘The Company She Kept’. And guitarist, John Sheldon, on his musical journey to the center of the earth.


Good-For-You Chemicals?

11.9.15 John Geiser, author of ‘Chemicals Without Harm: Policies for a Sustainable World’, and Mary Witt of The O-Tones on her new duets CD. Plus, The Nation’s John Nichols on Donald Trump’s chances of winning the GOP nomination.

Recent Headlines

14 mins ago in Local

New Details of Misconduct From State Chemist


A former state chemist says she was under the influence of drugs for most of her time working in an Amherst drug lab.

18 mins ago in Local

Portland Pirates Hockey Coming to Springfield

hockey puck

Reports out of Maine indicate that the Portland Pirates of the AHL will relocate to Springfield, replacing the Falcons, which are moving to a new facility in Tucson next season.

20 mins ago in Local

Springfield Water Main Break Knocks Out Power

storm water

It happened at around 1:30 yesterday, creating a massive sinkhole on Main Street and knocking out electricity.

25 mins ago in Local

Northampton Council To Consider Prohibiting Water Privatization

12.17.15 northampton city council

The council will consider a resolution mandating that the city’s water supply never fall into private hands as it did in Flint Michigan, which eventually led to a contamination of that system.

30 mins ago in Local

Rollover in Southampton Hurts Teen

police lights

The rollover was the culmination of a chase which began in Northampton. An 18-year-old girl riding in the car suffered serious injuries in that accident.