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The Bill Newman Show. Weekdays at 9AM (and again at 6PM). Join Bill & Monte Belmonte as they talk with newsmakers, authors, artists,
poets, and ‘fish wrap’ about the day’s headlines.

The Bill Newman Show 7.22.13

We speak to Governor Michael Dukakis about Trayvon Martin and the role that both casinos and mass transit could play…


The Bill Newman Show 7.19.13

Northampton Councilor Bill Dwight on the State Budget and Michael Kogut, Chair of the Citizens Against Casino Gaming.


The Bill Newman Show 7.18.13

We speak with ACLU of Massachusetts Legal Director Matt Segal, then First Generation’s Artistic Director Julie Lichtenberg.


The Bill Newman Show 7.17.13

Author Katie Halfner talks to us about her book, Mother Daughter Me.  We also discuss state university tuition with Max Page.


The Bill Newman Show 7.16.13

As voters head to the polls over the issue of casinos in Springfield, we discuss the implications a casino would…

climate summer

The Bill Newman Show 7.15.13

We talk to Matt Menezes and Caroline White-Nockelby, activists with Climate Summer doing work here in the Valley.

prison policy

The Bill Newman Show 7.12.13

We speak with Peter Wagner, Executive Director of The Prison Policy Initiative, on local jails gouging inmates’ families for phone…

marty nathan

The Bill Newman Show 7.11.13

Is the coal plant on Northampton’s border really closing? We speak to Sierra Club attorney Josh Berman to find out.


The Bill Newman Show 7.10.13

Get the inside scoop on Northampton’s hottest political race! We talk to Alissa Klein who is challenging Gene Tacy for city councilor.

chris pyle

The Bill Newman Show 7.9.13

Christopher Pyle provides us with an in-depth and up-to-date analysis of Edward Snowden’s most recent releases and the implications mass surveillance has for our society.

Recent Headlines

in National

Divided House abandons vote on border bill


Congress will take a five-week vacation without addressing the immigration crisis.

in Local

Train Camp To Roll Away Friday

train crossing

PanAm's train camp in Northampton is set to roll away Friday.

in Local

Market Basket Mess Affects Western Mass Farmers


The Market Basket standoff is affecting farmers in Western Mass.

in Local

Burglar Hits Nuttleman’s Florist

bulb flowers

Nuttleman's Florist in Northampton has been hit by a burglar.

in Local

Hearing On “Retreat” Continued


A public hearing on a controversial student housing proposal in North Amherst has been continued to August 6th.