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Bill Newman

The Bill Newman Show. Weekdays at 9AM (and again at 6PM). Join Bill & Monte Belmonte as they talk with newsmakers, authors, artists,
poets, and ‘fish wrap’ about the day’s headlines.

nerissa nields

The Bill Newman Show 6.3.13

The Bill Newman Show 6.3.13

high definiton

The Bill Newman 5/31/13

High Definition (Cathy Kay, Karen Gengler, Jennifer Page, Andi Porter, & Laurel Turk).


The Bill Newman Show 5/30/13

The Bill Newman Show 5/30/13

hilary price

The Bill Newman Show 5/29/13

Hilary Price, creator of the comic strip Rhymes with Orange.

mary booth

The Bill Newman Show 5/28/13

The Bill Newman Show 5/28/13


The Bill Newman Show 5.23.13

Mike and Judy Ryan on Forbes For All; then we preview Life in the 413- a radio play–listen to this!


Bill Newman 5.22.13

Katharine Baker on Palestinian House of Friendship

jane yolen

Bill Newman Show 5.21.13

Daphne Kalotay on Sight Reading and Jane Yolen,on the 50th anniversary of her first published books


Bill Newman Show 5.20.13

Qais Akbar Omar, author of A Fort of Nine Towers, An Afghan Family Story; then, Black In The Valley.

Recent Headlines

in National

Divided House abandons vote on border bill


Congress will take a five-week vacation without addressing the immigration crisis.

in Local

Train Camp To Roll Away Friday

train crossing

PanAm's train camp in Northampton is set to roll away Friday.

in Local

Market Basket Mess Affects Western Mass Farmers


The Market Basket standoff is affecting farmers in Western Mass.

in Local

Burglar Hits Nuttleman’s Florist

bulb flowers

Nuttleman's Florist in Northampton has been hit by a burglar.

in Local

Hearing On “Retreat” Continued


A public hearing on a controversial student housing proposal in North Amherst has been continued to August 6th.