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Bill Newman

The Bill Newman Show. Weekdays at 9AM (and again at 6PM). Join Bill & Monte Belmonte as they talk with newsmakers, authors, artists,
poets, and ‘fish wrap’ about the day’s headlines.

josh silver

(Josh) Silver & Gold

10.12.15 josh Silver guest hosts and talks Represent.US, money in politics, the rising tide of Democracy in Honduras and Live Art.


Author Extravaganza

10/9: Frederick Forsyth, author of “The Day of the Jackal,” “The Odessa File,” “The Dogs of War” and the Kill List,” among other thrillers, talks about his new book ”The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue.” Then, famed South African writer Ivan Vladislavic, visits us (after his talk at Hampshire College) about life under apartheid and his new book, “The Folly.”

Stan Rosenberg

Of Pipelines and Peace

10/8: “There Is Another Way.” Combatants for Peace (CfP) Sulaiman Khatib, Palestinian Co-Director of CfP, and Maya Katz, Israeli Steering Committee member of CfP, tell us how there is, and why there must be another way, end the seemingly endless Israeli- Palestinian conflict. They’ll be speaking tonight at Congregation B’nai Israel in Northampton. First, State Senate President Stan Rosenberg on the proposed Kinder-Morgan Pipeline and more charter schools ? (and how to pay for them without decimating local public school systems).

erin mckeown

Art & Activism

10/7: Celebrate the Rosenberg Fund for Children’s 25th anniversary with author Ellen Meeropol and musician, songwriter, producer, and activist Erin McKeown; Then, Vaya con Munoz with Natalia Munoz and stand-up artist ; and then, best-selling author Sherry Turkle, on “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.”

coop month

The Scoop on Co-ops!

10/6: LIVE from Green Fields Market, our annual co-op show with Laura Porter (Co-op Power), Angie Gregory (Simple Diaper & Linen), Rochelle Prunty (River Valley Market), Suzette Snow Cobb (Franklin Community Co-op) Adam Trott (Valley Alliance of Workers Cooperatives); & Andy Toomajian (PV Squared).

robbie meeropol

Rosenberg Redemption?

10/5: Robert Meeropol on the newly released Grand Jury testimony that exonerates his mother Ethel Rosenberg, who was sent to the electric chair even though the prosecutors knew she was innocent of any wrongdoing. Then, Jenn Meeropol, Robert’s daughter, and the Executive Director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children on the RFC’s 25th anniversary celebration; Sharon Mehrman, winner of 2015 Woodworking Excellence Award; Rev. Dwight Webster of New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina.


Hot(t) films. Cool poems.

10/2: Emmy-award winning filmmakers: Northampton-based Larry Hott and Smith College graduate Cynthia Wade—her new film is “Freeheld;” then, “NPR: Northmapton Poetry Radio” with Rich Michelson—previewing the reading of Emily Dickinson’s poems and the Poetry Festival in Amherst this weekend with nationally acclaimed poets Dara Wier and Dina Elenbogan; then MHC professor Tom Wartenberg on Mel Bochner’s show now at the college’s art gallery and their upcomng public conversation.

joe kennedy iii

Joe Kennedy In The House

10/1: Congressman Joe Kennedy; Peter Blood and Annie Patterson on “Rise Up Singing;” Then, Rev. Peter Ives, Rabbi Justin David and Annie Turner on Pope Francis’ visit.

gia bernini

Multicultural Melange

9/30: Hampshire College Professor Salman Hameed on “Science in the Muslim World.” Then, on our “Vaya Con Munoz” segment Gia Bernini joins Natalia Munoz and shares from her new book, “Coriander.”

marijuana 2

Medical Marijuana Arrives In Northampton

9/29: Attorney Michael Cutler on medical marijuana clinics opening in Massachusetts; best-selling author Jane McGonigal on the games you play (or should play). Her new book is “Super Better: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient.”

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History of the holiday: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving celebrations date back to the first European settlements in America, but it wasn't until the 1860s that it was declared a national holiday.

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WATCH: How holiday shopping can help charities


In the frenzy of holiday shopping, consumers are doing more than getting great deals, they’re also using coupons to help raise money for a number of worthy causes.

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Thanksgiving getaway: Cheap gas, high security


Millions of Americans embarked on their annual Thanksgiving travels on Wednesday, with security at airports, New York City's parade festivities and other venues expected to be heightened amid jitters after the Paris attacks.

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2015 to be the hottest year in history


This year will be the hottest on record and 2016 could be hotter due to the El Niño weather pattern, the World Meteorological Organization said.

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Many House Republicans want refugee restrictions in spending bill


Nearly one-third of the Republicans in the House of Representatives signed a letter calling on party leaders to ensure that a must-pass spending bill block any use of federal funding to resettle refugees from Syria and nearby countries.