Podcasts: The Western Mass. Business Show

The Western Mass. Business Show

The Western Mass Business Show with host, Ira Bryck, from the UMass Family Business Center. Each week Ira will talk to a ‘captain of industry’ from our Valley, and will offer insight and advice to small business owners. Listen every Saturday morning at 11 on WHMP.

steve longpre

Western Mass Business Show 11.21.15

Ira talks with Steve Longpre of Barnstorm Studio.

rob laporte

Western Mass Business Show 11.14.15

Ira talks with Rob Laporte from DISC, Inc.

tim van ness

Western Mass Business Show 11.7.15

Ira talks with Tim Van Ness on where acting meets business.  

jess lauren olive natural

Western Mass Business Show 10.31.15

Ira talks with Jess Lauren from Olive Natural Beauty.


Western Mass Business Show 10.24.15

Ira talks with Steve Neveu of Notch Mechanical Constructors.

chris gill

Western Mass Business Show 10.17.15

Ira talks with Chris Gill from Peerless Handcuffs.

scott mackenzie

Western Mass Business Show 10.10.15

Ira talks with Scott MacKenzie

belovedearth 92715

Western Mass Business Show 9.26.15

Ira talks with Terra Missildine from Beloved Earth Cleaning.

kevin kervic 919

Western Mass Business Show 9.19.15

9.19.15 Kevin Kervick, discussing how his company was put into workout by his bank, and what he learned from it

stan kowalski

Taking Care Of Business 9.5.15

Ira talks with Stan Kowalski III and Chris Lidel of Flo Design Sonics in Wilbraham in part two of his two week conversation.

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This year will be the hottest on record and 2016 could be hotter due to the El Niño weather pattern, the World Meteorological Organization said.