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Hosts Dr. Mary Ryan, Rene Kane and Joan Holliday discuss politics, pop culture and life in western Mass. You’ve probably thought it – they say it. Three women…Unfiltered.

Unfiltered airs Sunday mornings at 7:30 or listen anytime to the podcast.


Polyamory July 18, 2015

http://media.whmp.com/polyamory_JULY_18.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Touchy Feeley July 11, 2015

http://media.whmp.com/UNFILTERED_JULY_11_LIZ_FEELEY.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


David Freedlander June 6 2015

http://media.whmp.com/JUNE_6_2015_FREEDLANDER.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Lighten Up Y’all May 30 2015

http://media.whmp.com/MAY_30_2015_LIGHTEN_UP_YALL.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Inward Bound

http://media.whmp.com/MAY_23_2015_INWARD_BOUND.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Invest Local May 16 2015

http://media.whmp.com/Invest_Local_MAY_16_2015.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Minding the Science of Mindfulness May 9, 2015

http://media.whmp.com/MAY_9_2015_MIND_AND_LIFE.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download


Women Rock! Literally May 2, 2015

http://media.whmp.com/MAY_2_2015_JUNE_MILLINGTON.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download

Unfiltered yelling

Old Deerfield and The Pipeline April 25 2015

http://media.whmp.com/UNFILTERED_APRIL_25__OLD_DEERFIELD.mp3Podcast (channel-unfiltered): Play in new window | Download

Recent Headlines

4 hours ago in Local

New Details of Misconduct From State Chemist


A former state chemist says she was under the influence of drugs for most of her time working in an Amherst drug lab.

4 hours ago in Local

Portland Pirates Hockey Coming to Springfield

hockey puck

Reports out of Maine indicate that the Portland Pirates of the AHL will relocate to Springfield, replacing the Falcons, which are moving to a new facility in Tucson next season.

4 hours ago in Local

Springfield Water Main Break Knocks Out Power

storm water

It happened at around 1:30 yesterday, creating a massive sinkhole on Main Street and knocking out electricity.

4 hours ago in Local

Northampton Council To Consider Prohibiting Water Privatization

12.17.15 northampton city council

The council will consider a resolution mandating that the city’s water supply never fall into private hands as it did in Flint Michigan, which eventually led to a contamination of that system.

4 hours ago in Local

Rollover in Southampton Hurts Teen

police lights

The rollover was the culmination of a chase which began in Northampton. An 18-year-old girl riding in the car suffered serious injuries in that accident.