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Bill Newman

The Bill Newman Show. Weekdays at 9AM (and again at 6PM). Join Bill & Monte Belmonte as they talk with newsmakers, authors, artists,
poets, and ‘fish wrap’ about the day’s headlines.


Everybody’s Fool (FYI-It’s not Natalia Muñoz)

5/4: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo on his new book (pub date yesterday) “Everybody’s Fool.” Then, International Business magazine reporter Maria Gallucci joins Natalia Munoz on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico.


Brain Waves

5/3: John Elder Robison, best-selling author of “Look me in the Eye” on his new book “switched on: a memoir of brain change and emotional awakening.” Then a mash up of “Cool Films with Larry Hott” and (professor and astronomer) “Salman Hameed’s Universe.”

tommy shea

The Odyssey’s ‘Homer’

5/2: Award-winning journalist Tommy Shea on “Dingers: the 101 Most Memorable Home Runs in Baseball History.” Then, Black in the Valley.

Bernie at the UMass Fine Arts Center. Photo courtesy of WHMP Stephanie Slysz

Bern out?

4/29: Has Bernie dramatically changed American politics and policies even if he doesn’t win the nomination? Hear the perspective of Josh Silver, CEO of Represent Us – Getting Big Money Out of politics. Then, Remember the Indies! with Odyssey Bookstore owner Joan Grenier.


Tikkun Olam

4/28: Natalia Munoz on Casa Latina’s 50th anniversary walk and celebration and Puerto Rico’s debt crisis; Peter Blanchette on the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra’s upcoming CD release extravaganza and concert; the Rev. Peter Ives with long-time community activists and religious leaders at Congregation B’nai Israel Ron Ackerman and Cleo Gorman.

max page

Will UMass Call An Audible on Football?

4/26: Max Page, founder and board member of PHENOM—the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts—explains how Governor Baker’s recent rollout—to great fanfare– of a higher education plan amounts only to public relations because it will help almost no one.


“You Can’t Stop A Song”

4/25: The Amandla Chorus—previewing the chorus’s upcoming spring concert at Edwards Church on Saturday April 30– with Evelyn Harris, Eveline MacDougall, Lilly Lombard and Magsy Lombard; then, “In the Heights” at Williston with Director of the Williston Theatre Emily Ditkovski and five amazing student actors.


Peace Soldier

4/22: Linda Sartor, author of “Turning Fear into Power: One Woman’s Journey Confronting the War on Terror;” then award-winning filmmaker Mick Caouette on his new film in progress “Frances Perkins: Fire and Ice,” coming to Mount Holyoke College.

pipeline natural gas

Death of A Pipeline

4/21: Katy Eisman, CEO of the organizations leading the fight against the Kinder-Morgan fracking pipeline, on yesterday’s blockbuster announcement that KMI is giving up the ghost on its proposed pipeline though our valley; Smith College professor Ben Baumer, co-author of “The Sabermetric Revolution” talks baseball and analytics (who knew numbers could be so much fun?) and previews his Sci-Tech café presentation this coming Monday; then, The Reverend, the Reverend and the Reverend—Peter Ives, Chuck Morton, & Bobbie Morton

Recent Headlines

15 hours ago in Local

New Details of Misconduct From State Chemist


A former state chemist says she was under the influence of drugs for most of her time working in an Amherst drug lab.

15 hours ago in Local

Portland Pirates Hockey Coming to Springfield

hockey puck

Reports out of Maine indicate that the Portland Pirates of the AHL will relocate to Springfield, replacing the Falcons, which are moving to a new facility in Tucson next season.

15 hours ago in Local

Springfield Water Main Break Knocks Out Power

storm water

It happened at around 1:30 yesterday, creating a massive sinkhole on Main Street and knocking out electricity.

16 hours ago in Local

Northampton Council To Consider Prohibiting Water Privatization

12.17.15 northampton city council

The council will consider a resolution mandating that the city’s water supply never fall into private hands as it did in Flint Michigan, which eventually led to a contamination of that system.

16 hours ago in Local

Rollover in Southampton Hurts Teen

police lights

The rollover was the culmination of a chase which began in Northampton. An 18-year-old girl riding in the car suffered serious injuries in that accident.